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About Dr. Axel Meierhoefer


Dr. Axel Meierhoefer is a professional speaker and facilitator. He specializes in two main areas:

1. Leadership

2. Small business development

Based on the academic foundation of a PhD in leadership and organizational change Dr. Meierhoefer is offering a focus on topics that seek balance between the content that a modern leader needs to master and the challenge to inspiringly engage his followers.

That balance is looking to adjust form only focusing on profits, revenues, sales, quarterly results and making investors and shareholders happy and introduces the “other side of the coin” – human beings. Everybody acknowledges that the people in an organization are the most important assets but little focus is put on building trusting relationships between the leader and his team. Developing collaborative approaches that allow followers/team members to grow and achieve their career goals while the content side of the business that is performance and profit oriented is accomplished.

The leadership speeches:

“Getting your team to iconize you – the other side of the coin in leadership”

“The 5 success principles that balance leadership for people and leadership for profit”

In multiple variations engage and convince audiences to change their approach to leadership and working in a team.

For the small business development Dr. Meierhoefer introduces the Max Momentum Institute he founded. (

Speeches available for small business audiences are:

“How to build a million-dollar business “

“The 5 principle areas to master to take a small business to the next level”

“Learning how to fish for prospects, conversions, transactions, higher prices and more profits”

Besides offering the speeches described above Dr. Meierhoefer and his company AMC LLC supports individuals and companies in projects, coaching, mentoring, workshop facilitation. More details can be found at

In 2005 Axel faced a fundamental change in his life. After a successful career as an Air Force officer he had joined the executive ranks of a corporation to apply his skills for the betterment of the company. After almost 5 years a large change effort developed by the leaderships team he belonged to was rejected by the owners because it would have a revolution in how the company operated.

What stood out most for Axel was the way the owners communicated their rejection. Everybody was shocked and wondered how life would go on after this event. For Axel it meant to get out, form his own company, and make it a goal to practice better leadership skills and principles.

At that point, in May 2005 he also established the statement you will find at the bottom of all his emails: “ The aim for me is not to be the best in the world but the best for the world.” This gave birth to the company ’ s slogan “ Helping others help themselves become successful.”

Becoming a master of leadership style, interpersonal communication and building trusting relationships has gotten the attentions of many Fortune500 companies. For the last 11 years Axel has provided speeches, presentations, workshops, retreats and seminars about the leader who serves his followers with authenticity, style sensitivity, and trust, to thousands of participants and audiences all around the world.

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Axel’s Client Delivery Locations

The Man Who Wears Several Hats!

Axel as a Team…

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

Global Facilitator

Giving participants an experience that touches their heart and teaches them something they can take home and immediately apply.

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer


Focusing on developing leadership in a way that maintains authenticity while building trust, respect, and paths to success.

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer

BD Expert

Helping organizations grow in the 5 most important categories of business development.

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer


Writing with the aim to teach while simultaneously touching the reader emotionally and create a spark that ignites action.

Supporting Team

Heidi Meierhoefer

Head Accounts

Heidi is taking care of all administrative and book keeping tasks related to accounts receivable, accounts payable, Quick Books, and other associated administrative work related to the financial aspects of the company.
Rekhaa Gopinath

Business Management

Rekhaa manages client relations, the social media marketing team and organizes campaigns and all activities related to marketing and business operations .
Bill Hinsch

Head Creative

Bill is the graphic artist and learning map designer on the team.

Education, Experience and Publications

Axel has always acknowledged that lifelong learning is the only path to success, much before the concept became mainstream. Ben Franklin’s famous quote: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” was an inspiration to Axel to be involved intrinsically. He got involved in teaching others how to fly, so he became a flight instructor. He wanted to help others get better in project management so he became certified and started writing about it. In the last 20 years he has gotten more and more involved by publishing articles, writing books, conducting workshops and presentations all over the world. That has deepened his mastery on leadership topics and the associated need for behavioral change.


Axel received his Bachelors degree in Aviation and Management from Hamburg College in 1992 from Germany. He acquired a Masters Degree in Organizational Management from Antioch University in 2003 from Santa Barbara, CA, and a PhD in Leadership from Antioch University in Columbus, Ohio.
He founded Axel Meierhoefer LLC in 2005 and began to utilize his decades of experience to specialize in four focus areas: Project Management, Facilitation and Teaching, Learning Design and Implementation and Coaching. In the past few years Axel has excelled as a facilitator and lecturer for universities in Europe and the United States, in addition to managing projects for corporate clients in manufacturing, services, incubators, R&D, alternative energy and utilities, pharmaceutical, and education. He also co-developed “Innovation Mapping,” a discovery learning approach that is now being applied world-wide in the United States, Europe and Asia.


Since pursuing a full-time career as a professional Facilitator in 2010, Axel went on to study for his PhD on his Research interests: Leading Transformational Change, Global Change in Multicultural Environments, Coaching and Mentoring as Leader’s skills. His research has left him with hundreds of case histories and success stories from a wide variety of strategies, along with lessons learned. Striving to be the best coach in the industry, with dogged determination and in relentless pursuit of excellence, he has developed a reputation for educational, enlightening and engaging business programs.

Professional Achievements

Memberships in Professional Organizations:

✦Member GBI (Global Bankers Institute)
✦Certified facilitator/trainer for The Learning Factor in support of ANZ Bank
✦Program lead and trainer for SunGuard Bank  managers academy program
✦Certified Front Line Leader Interactive Program Facilitator
✦Certified 360 Assessment facilitator for Sum-Total systems used by J&J FLL2 managers & leaders
✦Certified Talent development champion (Take Charge of your Talent Inc.)
✦Designer/inventor of “Innovation Mapping” interactive learning method
✦Certified in N.E.W.S Team development model (Facilitated Training, Org transformation, Executive Coaching)
✦Inventor of “Certified Leadership Practitioner Program” (CLP) for Innovision Global LLC
✦American Management Association (Communication Seminar faculty for “Voice of Leadership”)
✦International Leadership Association (Member and Conference Presenter)
✦KMCI – Knowledge Management Consortium International
✦Toastmasters International (Certified public speaker)
✦American Society for Training and Development, (ASTD)
✦Whole Systems Learning Inc. (Facilitator and learning designer)
✦SyNet Global Consultants Network

Here are my professional highlights from the past few years:

✦  Founder, Professional facilitator, Content designer, coach and mentor, Axel Meierhoefer LLC, San Diego,CA (2005 – Current)
✦  Director International training, Isera Group Inc., Santa Barbara, CA (2001 – 2005)
✦  Senior Program Director and Instructor Pilot, GAF International Aviation Training Center, Alamogordo, NM (1996 – 2001)



✦   Custom-designed and delivered leadership communication workshop at Cavallo Point/San Francisco for First Republic        Bank to the Bank’s top 12 district managers. (May 2016)

✦   Delivering learning via Online mode to global Pitney Bowls managers in Europe through a virtual Adobe Connect learning  program (June-July 2016, in German language)

✦   Facilitated workshops at CISCO (San Jose) on behalf of TLF  (including coaching/mentoring) (6x in 2015)

✦   Facilitated mini-MBA 5 day program including coaching sessions for New York Institute of Management for executive group in Dubai (May 2015)

✦   Project manager on Training Management in all areas of CEB training in a Bayer Healthcare, Berkeley on a major capacity expansion project for Hemophilia Factor VIII with a goal to establish a second production site in Europe by duplicating the existing site in California Developed training strategy, global operating instructions, facilitated in-person- training of local staff, management, leadership and trainers. Facilitated workshop sessions and regularly facilitate in online interactions using LYNC/Skype-Enterprise, (Aug 2013 – June 2016).

✦Virtual Facilitator/trainer via Webex for Sungard Bank global on introduction of new credit instruments, new digital technology for accounts opening and high end customer support/management using iPads and program for managers leading virtual teams in banks that operate internationally and globally. (2014 – present, on demand)

✦ In-person training for General Electric mid-level managers in interaction styles and business terminology (Since May 2013)

✦ Facilitated nine virtual delivery, an extensive program for ANZ Bank in Australia to international branch managers and credit officers using Webex.

✦ Online training with Magellan Health EAP managers in advanced communications in groups of 10 using Goto-training (Since Apr 2013)

✦ Regular in-person leadership development seminars (3 days) for Johnson & Johnson mid-level & VP level (2012 –2015)

✦ Designed and delivered Systems Thinking project for Supplier Management at Boeing Commercial Aircraft BCA. He developed a communication and experiential learning approach for 3000 employees using OCM and LV methodologies that combine visual artifacts with guided dialogue. (Apr – Nov 2012)

✦ Facilitated/trained security system training for Verizon InVue-store security system in 5 locations in US Southwest for marketing and sales teams. (Nov 2012)

✦ Facilitated training for executives and managers in advanced communication skills and voice of leadership for the AMA (2011 & Nov 2012)

✦ Change project leader for a Pharma company to analyze, design, and deliver a new marketing approach with the process to 650 employees on the US team and 350 employees on the global team.(FDA controlled regulatory environment. The project lasted for 22 months. (2010-12)

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His publications includes:

✦  Here’s How I Did It! Vol 3, May 2015, Stardom Publishing
✦  The Shift Moment When the Future begins, May 2011, Lambert Academic Publication
✦  Wake Up…Live the Life You Love: Wake Up Moments, Dec 2008, Amazon

Here’s How I Did It! Vol 3, May 2015,
Stardom Publishing

axel 3d books-02

The Shift Moment When the Future begins, May 2011,
Lambert Academic Publication


Wake Up…Live the Life You Love: Wake Up Moments, 2009,
Little Seed Publishing

axel 3d books-01


✦Small Business Development 
✦Marketing and recognition development
✦Personality & behavior style (HRDQ/DISC) 
✦Leadership Improvement
✦Multi-Cultural Communication  
✦Organizational change initiatives
✦Software & Sales Training  
✦Credit instrument support training
✦Coaching and Mentoring 
✦Emotional Intelligence applied
✦Strategic Change Training 
✦Developed Innovation mapping as change technique
✦Financial services programs for online and face to face engagements
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Certifications & Training

✦Adobe Connect facilitator qualification
✦Certified facilitator TLF CISCO internal consultant program
✦Certified facilitator JNJ first line Leader program I & II (new/experiential)
✦Facilitator/Faculty: “Voice of Leadership” – AMA (American Management Association)
✦Certified Knowledge Management expert – KMCI (Knowledge Management Consortium International
✦Lectures/Training delivery: Master’s and BA programs in Business for Antioch University 2004 – 2011
✦Universities of Collaborative Education Germany: Innovation Mapping – Finding creative ways to develop corporate vision, mission and values”, 2010
✦Recognition: Strathmore’s “Professional of the year 2009 – Consulting”
✦“Sustainability Webinar”, Citrix Inc., May 2008
✦Certified Competent Communicator – TM International
✦Certificate of Master Coaching – Fowler-Wainwright Institute of professional Coaching
✦Certified Performance IQ coach- Global Performance Technologies GPT3
✦Certificate of “How to be a better trainer” – Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center
✦Stores Online certification for Internet Marketing
✦Conference Presentations: “Wellness of Leadership – Intention, Integrity, Integration”, Chicago 2006


Click HERE to see Axel’s two primary speaking topics along with descriptions and sample videos.

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Additional Information

Please contact us if you would like more information about Axel, his experience, background or programs. We would also be happy to send you a copy of his latest book. Just send us your full mailing address and we’ll send one to your attention. We’re eager to answer your questions and help you determine if Axel would be a good fit for your upcoming event. Thank you!

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Axel is a role model for those of us who make a living from providing professional advice because he demonstrates true vocation and passion in his work. I can say this because I not only had the privilege of advising Axel to start his first Mexican company and thus learning from his business, but I was also lucky enough to read his inspiring life’s story. I was moved when I heard from Axel about the methods he uses to approach problems inside organizations and how these principles may apply to many business entities. Axel’s advice is an invaluable asset for any business and he has my sincere recommendation

M.Monroy, Mink Global Law Firm

Dr. Axel Meierhoefer is a friend and client. He established the Max Momentum Institute to provide services for start ups, small businesses and any enterprise seeking to improve market position, sales, management and direction. The system is cost effective and, if pursued, will lead to success. Axel is uniquely qualified to consult and guide people in their business endeavors. His international background and experience stand him in good stead. I can highly recommend Axel with no reservations.

Steve Scheibe, President All Abroad Inc

In the years that I've worked closely with Dr. Meierhoefer, I've been impressed with the multitude of talents he has brought to the various projects. His ability to both analyze and execute in important matters is perhaps the best I've ever witnessed. One wonders how someone can be both left brain and right brain with such ease. One more thing – his fastidious research and careful thought processes do not, as I've seen so many times, slow him down into analysis paralysis. Rather, he has a sense of urgency that he's brought to our projects. So, here again, is the Dichotomy of careful thinking and penchant for action. I'm impressed.

David Corbin, Keynote speaker

I personally have witnessed his use of intelligence, critical skills, positive attitude, and contribution to our project. Because Axel’s advance “toolkit” of knowledge, skills, and abilities in his profession is so well developed, and because these skills and his willingness to use them are transferable to critical organizational needs, he quickly became my first choice for teaming with him on a collaborative project for MaxMomentum Institute. It is Axel’s tenacity, willingness and courage to step out of the box, learn and apply new concepts in a pressure-filled environment, enthusiasm and positive attitude, coupled with well-developed leadership skills that has resulted in our success..I highly recommend Axel for any endeavor he is seeking with my utmost support. Axel’s professional caliber and high personal integrity is critical to organizations and I totally support anything he is pursuing without hesitation.

Dr. Bill Freeman, CEO TopCorp LLC

Axel worked with me to organize a training structure for a multi-faceted and complex international technology transfer project. His consistent forethought and "big picture" thinking provided great insight and support for the effort. His focus on the customer helped to ensure a positive and valuable experience for our trainees

D.Bishop, Training Manager Bayer Healthcare

Axel, is a professional, energetic and focused leader. He is a loyal partner and trust worthy business collaborator. i highly recommend him.

Andrew Cox, President Strategex Business Solutions INc.

Axel is the consummate professional. He is thorough and investigative; promises and delivers results, and is focused and client-centered. I have found working with Axel pleasant, informative and productive. I encourage anyone seeking to employ his services to do so without reservation.

Tom Blaisse, Professional Speaker

Axel Meierhoefer is a tremendous resource for any organization. Axel is a trusted member of the Global Bankers Institute ( External Resource Group. He and his team have great expertise in the development and delivery of training and coaching that facilitates organizational change and impacts the bottom-line. Axel is a great communicator, easy to work with and I recommend him without hesitation

Cliff Brody, Founder Global Bankers Institute

I've had the pleasure of working with Axel for the past 3 years where he has been consulting with our team in the creation of a new training methodology as part of a international technology transfer project with a communicated €500MM capital budget. The new methodology has been anundisputed success for 3 years running, and has been specifically recognized by senior executives within Bayer. Axel has also created a coaching program for high potential candidates that has elicited strong positive feedback. Lastly, Axel has helped me hone and develop my leadership style and presence. I enthusiastically endorse Axel a individual who can creatively solve complex problems, create solutions, and demonstrate leadership ability

Jonathan Tsang, Associate Director Bayer AG

Axel is a good listener and knows the right questions to ask. He is also generous of spirit and works to expand his collaboration and his collaborative resources.

Ann deLain W. Clark, Founder Academy of business Excellence

Axel is very creative in coming up with ways to provide leadership development topics in meaningful ways to top executives.

Jan Johnson, Writing Assistance Inc.

Axel is first and before all a highly inspiring human being, easy to connect with, fun (motivating, empowering, inspiring) to talk with and an accomplished coach. Axel's contributions to any form of professional collaboration is highly sincere and totally efficient. A pleasure! Anyone looking for an 'out-of-the-box' thinker - look for Axel.

HeideMarie Klein , The Coaching Academy Europe

I have found myself quite frequently reflecting back on our World Cafe experience and I discovered that the questions posed on our discover maps not only began a snowball chain of thoughts, but it has forced me to change my actions because of the wealth of knowledge I have received. What I learned from these topics has since caused me to become an advocate starting within my own circle of people. Thanks again for the experience of it all."

Sarah Richardson

Axel Meierhoefer is an outstanding example for passionate entrepreneurial leadership. I love to work with Axel. His experience in business development, business realization and global collaboration, as well as his amazing ability to generate a positive, energetic atmosphere, makes him one of the best people to work with.

Bruno Mueller, Partner at Listerus

As a German having lived in the United States for many years, Mr. Meierhoefer has the ability to see the two worlds in a different perspective. This perspective regarding the world of start-up and business in general has helped me significantly in my own decision process and ultimate path into self-employment.

Dr. Barbara Laermann, Managing Director IdeaFactory

Dr. Meierhoefer provided a lecture during the winter term of the E-Commerce-Strategy-course of the Masters Degree Program in Information Management & Consulting at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim, Germany. The topic of the lecture was Social Media Marketing. It showed the history and multiple dimensions of social media marketing, established differences between Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing, and was supported by many examples and trends in this field. The lecture proved that Dr. Meierhoefer is a true expert in the field of Social Media Marketing

Professor Dr. Martin Selchert, University of Applied sciences Mannheim, Germany

What I learned from these topics has since has caused me to become an advocate starting within my own circle of people .I recognize that I am not alone in having preference to this manner of learning; since this is the case, I believe that it would be an excellent proposal for others to adopt this method. Thanks again for the experience of it all.

Chris Anderson, CEO Anderson Strategy

We have invited Axel to the Cooperative State University Baden-Wuerttemberg, Heidenheim, Germany, each year since 2008 to deliver lectures in the topic area of leadership and organizational development as part of the Bachelors program for Business Information Systems. The concepts he teaches complete and enlarge the traditional approaches in an outstanding way. As a result, students are optimally prepared for international projects they encounter in their future careers.

Professor Dr. Juergen Seitz, Program Chair Cooperative State University Heidenheim, Germany

I have worked with Axel and I have a well-rounded perspective on his skills and competencies. He is a fine and competent facilitator. He focuses on accurate delivery of content and masterfully connects with the participants. He is precise yet flexible; detail oriented while seeing the big picture.

Judy Francolini, Lead Consultant at Decisive Performance Inc.


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Every event is unique. Please tell us where and when your event is taking place, and what your theme and objectives are. Axel can customize a program to compliment your corporate messaging and strategic objectives.
Please note that all -inclusive fees (travel expenses included) are negotiable based on event date, event location, audience size and audience composition.
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The Art of Diamond Formation Leadership is an interactive keynote that gets people thinking about what s really important what their priorities should be and what actually drives results in today s marketplace. Struggling companies will say This business is full of complex processes while great Diamond Formation Leaders say You know at the end of the day this is really a matter of mastering the four corners of the diamond – pretty simple really. No it s really not rocket science. Success isn’t easy but it s not complicated. When you focus on mastering the balancing of the four corners of the diamond it will server your team your customers your organization foster collaboration and demonstrate your cultural sensitivity and awareness of increasing globalization.


  • How to apply incremental adjustments to make your team a group of top performers.
  • How to use your authentic style while adapting to the cultural sensitivities of your employees and customers.
  • How to use increasing globalization to your advantage and combine it with collaboration for better results.
  • How refine your ability to communicate and integrate story telling to get through to anybody who needs to hear your message.

Speaking Fee: US $ 5500.00 – $7500.00